Go to Poloniex. Log in by clicking on "Sign in", if you do not have an account yet, create it by clicking on "Create your account".

Go to settings and choose "API KEYS".

If you do not have created API keys, you will see: "API ACCESS IS DISABLED". Click on "Enable API".

You will receive a link to your email to activate access via API keys.

Follow the link.

If you see "API ACCESS IS ENABLED", it means everything goes in a proper way. Click on "Create NEW Key".

You will receive the notification to your email.

Follow the link to activate API.

You got an access to "API Key" and "Secret". Enter your "API Key" and "Secret" to activate autofollowing function on Investy platform.

You may create a new API key by clicking on "Create New Key". To close an access via API, click on "Disable API".

Copy the "API" and "Secret keys" into a special form on the Investy platform to connect the autofollowing function.