First you need to log into Investy platform, to see how to do this click HERE.

Click "Marketplace".  

You will see the list of existing portfolios.

Choose an appropriate portfolio and click "Follow".

In the "Amount to follow" field the amount from which the Investy platform will calculate trading signals is indicated.

Note: if you activate the autofollowing function, specify the amount of funds that you want to use for this portfolio.

Check that there is a check mark next to "Portfolio following".

In "Following signals" the price of a monthly subscription for signals for this portfolio is indicated.

Click "Next".

On the "Payment info" tab select the cryptocurrency in which you will pay a subscription for the portfolio.

Go through the captcha and click "Done".

In "Order payment details" window click on "WAITING".

You will see "CoinPayments" window with your transaction status. Transfer cryptocurrency to the specified address within 24 hours to confirm payment of the subscription for the signals.

To see your order list click on "Orders".

All orders and their statuses are shown in "Orders history".
To pay for an order click on "PAY".

If you forgot to pay for the order, then you will receive a notification about payment from <>

After payment, this portfolio will appear in your subscriptions.

To see the portfolio click on "Portfolio" and scroll the page down to "Follow portfolios".

Click on "LAST CHANGE" to see the latest changes in the portfolio.

You will receive notification of the results of the portfolio rebalancing from the trader to your email, web notifications in the browser, push notifications in the phone.