After logging in on to Investy platform, click on the "COPY PORTFOLIOS".

You will see the list of existing portfolios in the main Investy interface window.

You can review the traders’ portfolios and their performances and choose the one you find the most appropriate to your risk profile and expectations. If you want to create your own portfolio, you can do it. The detailed instructions how to create your own portfolio can be found here.

After choosing the portfolio you like, click the "Follow" button in the chosen portfolio card.

In the next window select a service by clicking on «Connect exchange account». Please notice that Porfolio following tab should remain marked as well.

Once you clicked on “Connect exchange account” you will see the list of available monthly subscription plans for exchange connection.

Select the desired subscription plan. The detailed description of pricing options can be found here:

Now you need to indicate the amount of funds you would like to allocate for automatic following through Investy platform by filling in the "Amount to follow" field.

Enter the desired amount. ("Max" means the maximum possible transaction amount for the selected tariff plan, "Min" is the minimum possible transaction amount for the selected tariff plan).

Information about your API key will appear. Fill in information on API key of the Poloniex or Binance exchange in the "Public Key" and “Private key" field.

Click "Next" and proceed to the payment of the service.

On the "Payment info" tab select crypto currency (BTC or ETH), in which you will pay for the subscription for the selected monthly plan.

Go through the captcha and click on "Done".

In the "Order payment details" window click on "WAITING".

Immediately after that you will see the "CoinPayments" window with your transaction status.

Transfer crypto currency to the specified address within 24 hours to confirm the payment for the signal subscription.

You can see your service order list by clicking on the "Orders" tab on the upper right hand side menu of the main platform interface.

All orders and their statuses are shown in the "Orders history" table.

To process with the payment of your order you need to click on "PAY" button next to that order.

If you forget to process with the payment for your order, you will receive a notification about the required payment from Please see an example of their message below:

After payment, this portfolio will appear in your subscriptions.

To view the portfolio, click on "My Portfolios" and you will see it in "Copy portfolios".

Click on "LAST CHANGE" to see the latest changes in the portfolio structure.

You will also receive notifications about the rebalancing in the chosen trader’s portfolio via email, in your web browser or via push notifications on your phone (those functions should be enabled on your devices beforehand).

All changes in a selected trader’s or in your own portfolio will be automatically rebalanced on your crypto exchange account in accordance with allocated funds for the particular service.  You do not need to make any other changes or transaction order in your crypto exchange account. Your portfolio is managed via Investy platform.