First you need to log into Investy platform, to see how to do this click HERE.

Click on "Portfolio" in the left part of a display. 

You will see the main screen "Create Portfolio".

Portfolio creating is connected with 4 basic cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, XMR (a portfolio is connected with Poloniex stock exchange). There are cryptocurrency pairs on each tab.

The "Portfolio amount" field is intended for entering the amount of basic cryptocurrency from which the portfolio will be created.

The "Portfolio name" field is intended for entering the name of the portfolio.

To add cryptocurrency to the portfolio, select it from the menu on the left. The selected cryptocurrency will appear in the table on the right.

The table consists of 4 columns:
The "Asset" column is the name of the selected cryptocurrency.
The "Value" column is the amount of this cryptocurrency for the portfolio.
The "%" column is a percentage, relative to the basic cryptocurrency.
The "BTC Value" column is the value of the selected cryptocurrency in the equivalent of the value to the basic cryptocurrency.
The fields "Value", "%", "BTC Value" are active for filling.

As an example, fill in the fields in the table highlighted in yellow. The remaining fields are automatically calculated.

"Available" shows how much basic currency remains.
"Total" shows the value of the entire portfolio.

The convenience of creating a portfolio is the ability to choose how to create it. So, you can add to the portfolio the amount of cryptocurrency or display its percentage in the portfolio or in the equivalent value to the basic cryptocurrency.

If the basic currency is not enough to form a portfolio, then "Available" will show how much is missing.

To create a portfolio, fill in the table in such a way that "Available" and "Total" are green and have a positive value. Click "CREATE".

If the portfolio has been successfully created, then you will see "Portfolio successfully added" in the upper part.

To see the created portfolio, scroll the page down to "My portfolios".