Before rebalancing your portfolio, you need to learn how to create it. Detailed instructions can be found under this link: HERE.

Once your portfolio is created, please go to a "Portfolio" tab on left hand side of the menu.

Scroll the page down to "My portfolios".

Select a portfolio that you want to rebalance. Click on "REBALANCE".

Add or remove crypto currencies in the portfolio by selecting them from the given list. Make rebalancing changes in a table on the right if needed and click on "REBALANCE".

In the pop-up window a data table will appear. The table will show you what type of crypto assets and what amount of them you need to sell or to buy in accordance with your chosen rebalancing structure.

Click on "Rebalance" to make changes in the portfolio or click on a “Cross” icon to cancel the changes. You may continue to rebalance your portfolio as many times as you want.

Please notice, that rebalancing of the portfolio with “buy” or “sell” orders is being processed in accordance with the tariffs of the crypto exchange. Investy has no influence on and no benefits from this process.

After the portfolio rebalancing is completed, you will see a "Rebalanced successfully" message in the lower right hand corner of the screen.